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Develop the personal practice of journaling.

As we found out from our workshop, journaling is a loved practice that offers clarity of mind and a rhythm to our lives.  Join in with Debbie and Gina as they revive their personal practice of journaling.

Join us if you:

  • Want to start a journaling practice

  • Desire to revive your journaling practice

  • Would like to expand your practice

  • Are looking for consistency in your practice


How It Works:

  1. The Adventure starts the week of January 28th.  Read here to know why we are not starting

  2. January 1.  I'll give you a hint - It's about giving yourself a gift.

  3. Prompts will center around the intersection of faith and self-care, including interesting points from the Seasonal Reads, which are continuing the conversation offline.
  4. Each week, The Faith Studio will email you a prompt to which you will engage in your unique way.  No one is looking so do you! Get as creative or deep as you would like.

  5. You will have access to a Facebook-like page where you will be able to communicate with others taking this adventure with you.  

  6. Lastly, should you desire to meet up, we can make arrangements to do that as well.

  7. Lastly, If you can, please consider supporting The Faith Studio with the purchase of one of our journals.  They were designed with this spiritual practice in mind. Check them out here

  8. What are you waiting for? Sign on up. lol!


Get to know Debbie and Gina. 


Let's Do It!

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