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Gina N. Brown

I’m Gina, the Community Steward.  

Simply put, I hold space and create a community for persons along the spectrum of Christian faith who may need a wider faith conversation than their local assembly may be offering. 

I come to this fringe work with a God curiosity and an appreciation for how people relate to their faith. I have been what they called a church hopper, which I am told makes me ecumenically literate. I’m 30 years into my faith journey and have experienced many transitions.  I am seminary trained, and my calling is to help people find their spiritual and emotional bearings.  Currently, that manifests as a Healthcare Chaplain and the Community Steward of

I am an island girl who always and forever loves to “lime.”  The sun, salt water, family, friends, and good conversation are everything in my world.  

My Love and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage this year, and I have a one-and-done who is 12 that we love tremendously.  

If anything we have to offer resonates with you, please jump in and engage The Faith Studio ecosystem in ways that are meaningful for you.

To hear me in my own voice on topics related to The Faith Studio, listen to our podcast, where I am the host.

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