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About Our Culture

In The Faith Studio, we support each other’s learning by giving and receiving hospitality.  Truly, all are welcome here.


We ask that you be present as fully as possible.  Come as you are with your beliefs, joys and successes as well as your doubts, fears, and failures.


Participation in The Faith Studio is by invitation, not demand. Participate out loud only as you feel comfortable.

Listen well and learn from silence.  Silence can feel awkward, but it is a gift in our noisy world and a way of learning in itself.  Silence does not indicate a lack of participation.  Sometimes empathetic listening means taking time to reflect in silence without immediately responding to others.


No debating, correcting, or criticizing.  As mentioned, this is an ecumenical space and our goal is to be safe space where we seek to be a community where all belong. 


Set aside judgment to listen compassionately to others – and yourself – more deeply.  If you disagree with someone, ask yourself, “What does my reaction teach me about myself?”


Observe deep confidentiality.  Trust comes from knowing we will all agree to honor the ethics of privacy and discretion.  What happens is the “Studio” stays in the “Studio”.


Attend to your own inner teacher.  As we explore questions, scripture, poems, stories, music, art, other teachers, and silence, we also have a unique opportunity to learn from our own reflections and reactions.  With nourishment, these seeds will continue to grow to feed our spiritual hunger.

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