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The Faith Studio is a “church adjacent”, ecumenical, interactive, dialogical, digital faith community, which is intentional about connection, exploring faith and offering inspiration.

The Faith Studio aims to hold the church door open a little wider for Christians who desire to inquire beyond their church’s world view, for those who are on the fringes of the local assembly for issues related to diversity of thought or being, and for those who are good with God but not with the structures that surround God.


"For where two or three are gathered together because they are mine, I will be right there among them."

                                                                                                                                                       ~Matt. 18:20 NLT

This is our guiding scripture, and while we may look (digital community) and operate differently (heavy on conversation, lite on preaching), at our genesis, The Faith Studio is simply a fresh take on Christian fellowship and formation.

Come with your faith, Come with your curiosity, Come prayerfully,​ and let us reason together.

To learn more about The Faith Studio, listen to the following podcasts:

Ways To Know God

Wider Faith

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