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The Faith Studio has started a book club, and we are excited to be able to expand the conversation.

The first of our seasonal reads will be our Fall selection entitled Breaking All The Rules by Kristian A. Smith.  

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In Breaking All The Rules, Kristian A. Smith introduces Greatest Commandment Theology as an ancient framework for modern faith.  This book doesn't provide answers for your questions.  It provides questions for your answers.  The challenge is to remove the question "What does the Bible say about that?" and replace it with "How does the Greatest Commandment apply here?" 

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  • Who is The Faith Studio?
    The Faith Studio is a “church adjacent”, ecumenical, interactive, dialogical, digital faith community, which is intentional about connection, exploring faith and offering inspiration. (more info found here) Our guiding scripture: "For where two or three are gathered together because they are mine, I will be right there among them." ~Matt. 18:20 NLT
  • What is The Faith Studio Culture?
    In The Faith Studio, we support each other’s learning by giving and receiving hospitality. Truly, all are welcome here. [cont. ...]
  • How many books does the club read per year?
    As the book club is new and we are feeling our way forward, ever mindful that people have busy lives. Currently we have two scheduled readings. One in the Fall with is our FALL READ and another in the Winter which will be our WINTER READ which coincide with our programing schedule. Depending on outcomes we may schedule a summer reading. So, the complete answer would be we will be reading 2-3 books a year.
  • What kinds of books do you read?
    The goal of this book club is to continue the conversation and learning which happens in our community gatherings. Our studio themes center around the three tenets of The Faith Studio which are connection, inspiration and exploration. Subjects we hope to cover are: - different types of theologies with an emphasis on liberation - faith centered self-care - titles at the intersection of life and faith - titles that intersect faith and justice
  • How does the book club work?
    The book for the seasonal read is announced two weeks prior to the start of the scheduled reading. Allowing participants to opportunity time to purchase the book. Interested participants must register for the seasonal read. Once registered, participants will be granted access to the course. Inside the course there is a welcome and introduction to the read which will provide further instruction about the modules. Each module consists of: - the assigned reading for the period - A reflection question - A journal prompt - And an opportunity to share in the group Each read ends with a live group discussion in The Faith Studio and a reading club badge.
  • Where do I sign up for the read?
    There is a call-to-action button below which will direct you to the sign up.
  • Where to purchase the book?
    All hard copies of books are available at your local bookstore or library. For those living internationally, should you not be able to receive the book in time to start the read consider purchasing the kindle/eBook or the audible version. If you would like to support The Faith Studio please purchase the book, eBook and/or audible through our affiliate links here. This option does not incur you any additional cost.


These are affiliate links. When you click through the link and finalize your purchase, The Faith Studio earns a commission.  This is of no added cost to you.  We use this commission to provide our community with excellent content. Please support us.

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Join Now!

Be prepared to examine your embedded theology as we delve into the concept of The Greatest Commandment Theology.

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